Mongolian New Year (Tsagaan Sar) is normally celebrated somewhere between the end of January and end of February. The traditional Tsagaan Sar feast includes dairy products, mutton and horse meat, rice with curds, buuz (dumplings) and a ‘mountain’ of cookies stacked high and of course, airag (fermented mare’s milk). Families visit each other to pay their respects and eat mountains of dumplings. Join a family to experience their legendary hospitality and be a part of their community at this time of great festivity.

Day 1
Preview of the New Year Eve with Nomad family /called Bituun/

Meet in Ulaanbaatar with our representatives drive out of Ulaanbaatar and meet Nomad family members and hostess will cheer you by Mongolian traditional milk tea and pot roast. After that you will start work and help to them because that day is very busy because New Year Eve according to the Lunar Calendar. You will enjoy whole day with nomad family as their family member. And then visit to the neighbor nomad family by horse. Overnight in the ger of the nomad family.

Day 2
The First Day of the New Year

This morning Mongolians orientate and men climb the nearest hill or a mountain to see the first sun of the upcoming year to be more wealthy, in good health and full of success. It is a day Mongolians wear their nicest national dress “Deel”. Hostess makes traditional milk tea and offer best of it first to the earth, then to their shrine, next to the oldest person of the family or host of the family and then serve each member of the family. And then people greet each other by age category younger people come to elders at traditional way of arm greeting. The gathered people in the nomad family play traditional game colourful frogs with the ankle bones, snapping ankle bones, racing horse, flicking ankle bones. You will easy to learn many different games and enjoy the Mongolian Culture. Overnight in the ger of the nomad family.

Day 3
Second Day of New Year

Breakfast with nomad family members and say Good bye to them. And then drive back to Ulaanbaatar. End the trip.


* The price per person will depend on the size of the group as shown below.

Number of travelersPrice

Pax 1USD 585 per person
Pax 2USD 348 per person
Pax 3USD 274 per person
Pax 4 or moreUSD 238 per person

      The tour includes:

    • Travel Insurance
    • Mongolian traditional food
    • Water 1.5 L
    • Private transfers

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